Australia's Fresh Produce Group streamlines it's analysis and reporting of product lines with GLQC, all with just a few clicks of a button.

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For over 25 years, Fresh Produce Group (FPG) has been dedicated to providing families in Australia and beyond, with the freshest quality produce.

The business comprises of growing, importing, exporting, wholesale, pre-packing, ripening, logistics and marketing of fresh produce.

FPG have a team of Quality Control officers that operate within their facilities throughout Australia as well as a team of Field Officers who work seasonally on their farms and make visits to suppliers overseas. Muddy Boots Greenlight Quality Management software ties together these two teams of officers, ensuring that Quality Control data is streamed seamlessly between both parties up and down the supply chain.

FPG had been using Greenlight Quality Management since 2015, and now capture over 20,000 QC checks per year, so they needed to become more efficient at creating their Supplier Seasonal Reports which were an integral part of their business development.

‘Before using Greenlight Insights, we populated our Supplier Seasonal Reports manually through the extraction of data from various pages on GLQM to Microsoft Excel. The data would then be analysed using formulas and graphs. Fast forward to 2020 and all data analysis now occurs within Insights which means there is no need for double handling of the data, and the generation and distribution of the reports can now be fully automated. This has enabled FPG to save a significant amount of time and resource to achieve results that are relevant to FPG’s reports and business focus.

Insights allows us to analyse product lines over and across seasons, suppliers, varieties and pick dates/blocks, all with just a few clicks of a button!

Additionally, we find the insights programme visually engaging, making the information that is being presented very clear to the reader.

  • Moving forwards FPG plan to continue to use Insights as a key tool when making business decisions about the performance of product lines, varieties or suppliers over time and to ensure FPG remains a business that is a trusted supplier of good quality product.”

    Mardee Job, Technical Officer, Fresh Produce Group

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