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Frontier Agriculture is a leading crop production and grain marketing business. Frontier works with a team of 130 agronomists and 80 farm traders to support a large customer base which generates masses of data. James Moldon, Head of Technical Services at Frontier discusses Greenlight Grower Management and how the system allows them to work more collaboratively with their customers.

“We currently use our own online system called Frontier MyFarm which incorporates all the divisions of Frontier. We looked to Muddy Boots’ Greenlight Grower Management as the solution that allows us to become more interactive with our customers, and simplify the transfer of information between our agronomists, farmers and contractors. This system enables complete visibility of this process, which is vital to the way Frontier works.

“Because we deal with masses of data, farmers wanted a solution that enables them to easily obtain and record data, whether that is for budgeting purposes, traceability or simply sharing cropping information more efficiently. There are so many solutions out there that all perform different functions, but no other system works as well for our agronomists and their customers. We did look at other companies but none offered such simplicity. Our agronomists are already familiar with Muddy Boots’ CropWalker too, so we avoided the need for retraining and ultimately saved time.”

The farmers benefit from this simplicity too, as the product has been designed for their use. Being web and app-based means they can use it in the field and access data with only one or two clicks. This easy access to data is particularly important during an audit, helping farmers to meet legal requirements and feel prepared.

“For Frontier, the speed at which we can move data in a two-way sync is also beneficial. It has always been one-way traffic until now. Farmers can now input data for the agronomists to use as well. This software also loops in the operators in the field, making it the first solution that is not designed only for the farmer and farm manager.

  • "Greenlight Farm Management provides time savings through one time data entry, and cost savings through better efficiencies. If you are working more efficiently, you are less likely to miss out on opportunities to get your timings right. This gives us an edge in the marketplace. Because of our use of Greenlight Farm Management and MyFarm, farmers can see we have IT solutions in place for their data management, helping them make decisions that are right for their business"

    James Moldon, Head of Technical Services, Frontier

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