Go paperless and improve visibility of your Quality Control operations.

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Real time visibility of your day-to-day operations

Make sure internal procedures are being followed and capture all required information on product handling, packaging and labelling.

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Highly configurable to your own Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP)

Configure your programme to the seven principles of HACCP to effectively track, report and manage known or potential issues. With systemised procedures you are in control of your processes and assured that issues are being actioned in a timely manner.

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Benchmark and track the performance efficiency of your site and teams

Do you know how long it takes your team to complete their checks? With detailed insights like this, you can drive efficiency and measure consistency across your sites. Important when you need to confidently tackle and meet multiple demands.

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Ensure every day compliance

Benchmark against industry standards and food safety principles by ensuring consistency on a daily basis. Giving you confidence in passing an audit with 5 stars.

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Respond quicker to corrective actions

Quickly respond to quality and safety concerns. Any actions that haven't been closed within a certain time frame will prompt a notification and begin an escalation process - putting pressure on closure of corrective actions.

Build customer trust through supply chain visibility and traceability

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