Safeguard your product offer, delight your customer and drive out waste.

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Meet your customer’s requirements

Measure product quality accurately and consistently against clear quality criteria. Easily identify your best and worst performing products, profile your supplier performance and identify consistent problem areas for remedy to improve customer satisfaction. To find out more, download our brochure.

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Collaborate with your suppliers to drive out waste

Align with your suppliers on what good, bad and indifferent quality looks like to drive consistency across your product categories and reduce rejections.

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Make paper records a thing of the past

Data capture using a digitised platform, is not only simple for the end user but it also reduces duplication in effort, removes the risk of human error and helps you quickly and easily demonstrate compliance during food safety audits.


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Benchmark your products against your competitors for continual improvement

Get reliable, independent and valuable insight into how your product compares against competitors or a similar set of products that you retail. You can also compare prices across the market and feedback on new or enhanced products.


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