Highlights of 2021!

This year, as with 2020, has been a testing time for many. With an ongoing pandemic, climate change effects and global supply chain issues, the agri-food industry has faced many complex challenges. However, we have also celebrated lots of positive steps on our mission to create better food outcomes.

TELUS Agriculture

We recently celebrated one year of being in the TELUS Agriculture family, and what a year it has been. As we continue to grow as one entity, our commitment to everyone from seed growers to grocers to create a better flow of information across the food system remains as strong as ever. Here are a few of the 2021 TELUS Agriculture highlights:

  • From seed to suds: the journey of a sustainable tech-traceable beer. Learn how TELUS Agriculture helped craft the Pollinator Pilsner here.
  • John Raines joins TELUS as President, TELUS Agriculture. Find out more here.
  • Olds College and TELUS Agriculture create a $1 million partnership to develop new agriculture technologies. Find out how we are supporting the development, acceleration and integration of technology into the global agrifood value chain here

Making a difference, one tree at a time

As a company we strive to give excellent customer service at all times, so we wanted to find a way to thank our customers for taking the time to complete our customer engagement survey – in a way that not only benefits us as a business, customers receiving excellent customer service, but also, the environment. Our initiative with more:trees, to plant a tree for every survey response that we receive is our way to show we care for our customers, just as much as we care for the planet.

We celebrated our data innovation

We were honoured to be named by Matillion as a runner-up for the Emerald Award for Data Innovation! Our Data Science team were recognized for their innovative use of the platform to handle and consolidate complex data.

Supporting sustainability

Our mission at Muddy Boots is to help create a safer more sustainable future for food and farming. With this in mind, we were delighted to collaborate with SAI Platform to create the SDP Reporting Hub, a digital solution that aids the continuous improvement in dairy sustainability.

Find out more about our contribution to creating a sustainable future for the dairy industry here.

Our key platform statistics for 2021

We look forward to the exciting times ahead in 2022 with you all.

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