Amazon Fresh launches in the UK

After the opening of the first Amazon Fresh, ‘till-less’ grocery store in London over the weekend, Jez Pile, Operations Director at Muddy Boots gives his thoughts on the ‘just walk out’ experience and adoption within the retail industry.

“Amazon Fresh has a smaller store footprint leaning more on convenience and fresh food rather than bulky packaged, dry or frozen. What does this mean for supply chains and product quality? Well I think there will be a greater focus on quality standards, freshness and maximising shelf life, it will be imperative that goods are supplied to specification to ensure optimum shelf life and minimal food waste.

I am particularly interested in the concept, and what customer adoption will be like. Could it be seen as impersonal or will it give shoppers a genuinely friction-free shopping experience. The underlying technology is especially interesting, and there is some really cool tech being used. The AI, imaging and computer vision combined to track shoppers and products to make the system accurate and secure to preventing theft or miscalculation, there’s some smart stuff going on.

There’s no doubt that shopping habits have changed significantly, accelerated by the pandemic, and I don’t think anyone really predicted how quickly the move away from large footprint superstores to online, click and collect and convenience would be. It’s going to be really interesting to see if this concept fits a market gap others have fails to address, and can continue to expand outside of the city. 

Read more about Amazon Fresh UK here.

How to shop at Amazon Fresh stores instructions

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