We are delighted to be able to launch our data partnership with Food Forensics.

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Food Forensics are specialists in all things Food Integrity, Authenticity, Origin, Species & Safety, they offer high-tech solutions that aim to determine how food and drink is produced, where it was from, with what treatment, and the quality and safety of the product. Food Forensics manage the risks for businesses large and small across the industry, from retailers to processors and farmers, upholding ‘claims on pack’, protecting brand equity, and ensuring food is safe for the consumer.

Via this partnership, Muddy Boots are now able to offer their customers Knowledge Base which will provide actionable insights, made by food industry experts for food industry experts. These will be specifically tailored to your business, which means you will receive only the most valuable and specific data that matters to you and your business. Tagging specific ‘keywords’ will enable dynamic searches and save valuable search time. All of the information you will receive via your Knowledge Base subscription will be from trustworthy and transparent data sources, vetted by experts and supported by a team at the heart of upholding standards and integrity.

Rick Sanderson, Business Development Director, Food Forensics says, “we have launched a new program of remote raw material risk management, offering digital insight and risk intelligence in tandem with supply chain data from farm to fork. To enable this program we are excited and proud to launch a data partnership with Muddy Boots, offering our collective know-how to drive data driven risk management for agri-food companies around the world.”

When you subscribe via Muddy Boots you will receive targeted alerts by country, category or commodity, and can use these insights to manage and drive risk assessments and focus testing regimes as well as receiving daily updates of insights, news, guides, papers and more.

Jamie Jarczewski, Senior Business Development Manager, Muddy Boots says, “This is an exciting initiative. Partnering with Food Forensics was an obvious choice, given the horizon scanning insight which is provided through the Food Forensics Knowledge Base and the value this will add to customers of Muddy Boots. The dynamic and actionable risk data, which when overlayed with the supply chain insight already provided through Muddy Boots Greenlight Supplier Management, is a powerful and comprehensive risk management tool to be employed across our global customer base”.

If you’re not sure whether this subscription is relevant for you at this moment in time, we will be releasing a monthly newsletter which will include some top line, critical insights within the food and beverage sector, including risks, quality, safety, adulteration and substitution as well as RASFF alerts, supply and demand insights, intelligence and trends.

If the topics that are being discussed are of interest to you, then you could benefit from a Muddy Boots Knowledge Base subscription, please contact our Business Development team.





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