Greenlight Farm Management Business Insights: Inspection and activity reports

Inspections and audits are a necessary and critical part of agriculture and food production. They ensure growers (and their advisers) are complying with food safety laws and quality standards. Failure to comply with laws and regulations can result in legal ramifications such as costly fines or worst case scenario, business shutdowns. Having a robust solution in place is crucial for protecting your business.

Greenlight Farm Management activity reports help you track and demonstrate your ag-chem and fertiliser use. All input use is audited against regulatory and legislative approvals ensuring compliance for spray and fertiliser applications, building a record for easy reporting. Activity reports will also save you time and make it easier to demonstrate compliance in the case of unannounced inspections, mitigating the risk of fines.

Taking it one step further, our reporting capabilities can help you drive your business forward, by giving you powerful insights on the landscape and in season dynamics of your business, including costs of production. This can lead to a more accurate forecasting and performance management. Reports help to drive efficiencies in a number of areas, such as highlighting the seasonal requirements for certain spray chemicals to deal with recurring problems that build and reach peak levels at certain times of the year. This data is invaluable when you are looking to order appropriate levels of stock without over-ordering.

Inspection reports can identify and monitor the presence of harmful diseases, weeds and pest infestations, providing photographic validation for the use of key crop protection products. They can also be used to assess disease severity and track development of disease across the grower base – answering valuable questions such as: is it earlier than expected? How many of the team have seen it? Do I need to think about early prevention strategies in adjacent growers etc? The answers to these questions will give you the information needed to identify where changes can be made to maximise yield and build a stronger business.


Other useful functions include ‘pins’ which can be used to track hot spots across growers and identify if there are any changes in common pest mixes, seen year on year. These could drive decisions to change your spray product choice or mixtures - this allows you to adjust templates for all your agronomy team.

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