Greenlight Quality Management has been awarded a global certification by HACCP International’s Food Safety Certification System. The first cloud-based food safety and quality management system to carry the HACCP International certification mark.

What does this mean for GLQM software and Muddy Boots customers?

The HACCP International certification mark is aligned with the due diligence requirements of the world’s leading food safety standards and quality systems. Ten key criteria are examined to give that full assurance. Certified products need to satisfy all criteria – not just individual components.

Hazard analysis and critical control points (HACCP) are utilised to mitigate risk and form the foundation of best practice and food safety management systems. Developed by NASA, the HACCP process is designed to analyse all potential risks of a product or process and devise mitigation methods to ensure that risk does not occur. This process identifies key control methods and points that require continuous monitoring. Critical to this process is the clear escalation and investigation processes that are in place when control point limits are exceeded.

As each control point is critical to the safety of food, historically these checks have typically been completed on paper. As we evolve simpler digital methods of data capture and enhanced analytics, the advantages of digitising these critical measures are clear.

By taking food safety management systems into a mobile cloud-based application, certified to HACCP principles, customers can be confident that their system and control methods are audit-ready. Simplifying how they evidence their approach and management of food safety to key stakeholders, clients and auditors.

Aaron Day, Technical Sales Manager at Muddy Boots by TELUS Agriculture explains ‘HACCP International certification provides our customers with the assurance that Greenlight Quality Management is an audit-ready digital solution for any food business. By incorporating the checks and balances of your food safety and quality management into a cloud-based, intelligence-led solution, you can unlock unparalleled insight and transparency into your business.’

The complex nature of globalised food supply chains and consumer sensitivity to food safety scares being further amplified by rapid communications, such as social media, has highlighted the importance of having robust measures in place to detect and prevent food safety issues. Software solutions that provide these built-in requirements allow for unrivalled transparency into production and food integrity operations, allowing customers to mitigate risk and ensure their brand reputation.

Mitigate risk and ensure your brand reputation

Greenlight Quality Management

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