How your farm management solution should use your data 

The agriculture industry is now embracing digital transformation for better working, data sharing and collaboration. Greenlight Farm Management, enables efficient, agile and productive working on the move. As farmers and growers move their data online, a new priority is formed for retaining control over data and ensuring data security. For many of our customers at Muddy Boots by TELUS Agriculture, data is one of the most sensitive business assets farmers own. In this article, we want to explain how our cloud based solution puts you in control of your data. 

Data collaboration, permissions and sharing with third parties 

As growers, we need to share common farming data more often with third party software or apps to get advisory services or analytics, which means we need to be confident our data is secure. Muddy Boots by TELUS Agriculture does not share our farmers data or re-sell to third parties. Only our farmers have permissions to share their farm information.

Empowering farmers to have control over their data has always been at the heart of Muddy Boots.
“It’s not just about bringing farmers easy-to-use tools that help them manage their business, but also about integrating the farm into the supply chain. The ultimate aims are better outcomes for the farmer, better assurance and transparency for the consumer and better safeguards for the environment. But within these it’s crucial the grower retains control over access and permissions to their data.” Jon Evans, Founder, Muddy Boots. 

Cloud based software is the most secure software 

Knowing that data security was paramount to our product offer we created cloud based solutions.  Cloud based data is more secure than traditional data centres for a number of reasons including better resources, funding, infrastructure and resilience. Andy Nash, Head of Infrastructure at Muddy Boots explains “This means that all data stored within Greenlight Farm Management is backed up and system updates are automatic. Growers have access to historic data for planning and meeting regulatory or compliance inspections, with the knowledge that their data is available on demand, safe and secure.”

Our privacy policy 

At Muddy Boots, we value our customers privacy and have in place rigorous  IT, privacy and security policies. We ensure our users data is available to authorised users only, keeping confidentiality and integrity at the heart of our business. 

Our cybersecurity promise 

With data breaches and data ransoming common now, larger corporate grower organisations need to be confident that their data will not be hacked or compromised. As a software development company, keeping our customer data safe is a primary concern. Our recent investment from TELUS Agriculture means we have even more resources and infrastructure to ensure cybersecurity. 

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