Introducing Integrations: Innovation via Integration

Our new integration platform has now launched for customers that wish to connect their CRM or ERP systems directly with Greenlight Farm Management for next-level business efficiency.

For our farmers and growers, integrations will enable you to seamlessly transfer your subscription, site, field and crop data; retrieve crop protection product data from our global database and manage your live product orders.

Our Agri-business customers will be able to do all of the above, plus real-time price list management, enabling you to update and publish directly from your system into GLFM to ensure that all of your customers are working off real-time price lists.

This new service is launching with two Greenlight Farm Management integration functions: Subscription Management and Order Management, using APIs that allow you to send, receive and update data to and from your Greenlight platform.

The Subscription Management integration contains the following APIs

Locations: Manage sites, fields and crops

Product: Allows the retrieval of crop protection products

Subscription: Manage your accounts, groups and shares and the ability to view users within your Greenlight Farm Management subscription

Types: This allows you to view soil types, measurement units, crop types, countries, currencies and ditch types configured within Greenlight Farm Management.

The Order Management integration provides the following two APIs

Ordering: Allows the read and creation of orders, buying groups, depots, priorities, statuses, and the read of site settings.

Pricelist: Allows for management of site’s pricelists within the subscription.

Essentially, Integrations means you’ll be able to seamlessly connect Greenlight Farm Management with back-office farming systems, enabling you to extract and synchronise data, or conversely to update your Greenlight Farm Management automatically as you make updates or modifications in other connected programs. Saving time and avoiding duplication errors.

What’s more – you can be sure that all of your data is safe and secure as Greenlight Integrations is adhering to industry best practices by exposure of API endpoints through an API gateway utilising OAuth authentication models.

Take a look & see how Integrations can help you work smarter today.

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