Name: Aaron Day
Job Role: Technical Sales Manager
Length of Service: One year and four months

What attracted you to Muddy Boots?: A mixture of the people. work culture and the ambitions both Muddy Boots and TELUS Agriculture have in the digitisation of the Agri-food industry

Tell us a bit about you and your work history?: I started my career in research and development at a food ingredients manufacturer. After the horsegate scandal, I moved into food safety, having a multitude of placement roles across the quick-service restaurant and hospitality sector on behalf of certification bodies. Firstly with NSF international and then SAI Global, this experience led my interest in exploring commercial roles, which
has led me to my current position at Muddy boots.

What does your typical working day look like?: A typical working day can vary but most days I'm at my desk from 8 am, responding to emails and planning my day. I will then seek to talk to potential customers and leads we have. Alongside delivering requested demos, all with the aim of finding where our products can provide the most value across the food industry.

What's an interesting fact about you?: I have boxed for charity, which was a great experience!

Who would be your ideal dinner party guest and why?: Paul Collingwood, is one of my all-time favourite cricketers who has been pivotal in some of the best moments for English cricket, and I would love to hear the tales and stories from his career.

What's your favourite food?: I have a massive sweet tooth and you can't beat a good apple crumble.

What makes you passionate about food/farming?: The Agri-food industry is one industry that affects us all and we all have a passion for it, whether it's eating, cooking, or growing and I think that's amazing.

Any skills or talents that people don’t know about?: I am a qualified swim teacher and lacrosse referee.

What advice do you wish you’d been given early in your career?: That no one wakes up, deciding to make your day miserable. It really helped frame for me how to balance the challenging discussions you have to have across a food safety and sales career!

Finish this sentence: on Sunday mornings you usually find me…… Taking our Staffy for a long walk and planning the Sunday dinner or pub lunch after!

What’s one item you can’t leave your house or apartment without?: Aside from the usual essentials of wallet, keys, phone, etc nothing as I travel light!

Describe yourself in three words...Competitive, friendly, and supportive.

What publications do you regularly read or what book are you reading now?: I don't generally get to read a lot but when driving I take advantage of audiobooks and I'm currently listening to a sci-fi series called the Horus Hersey

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