Name: Becca Gale
Job Role: Product Lead - Supplier Management
Length of Service: 3 Months

What attracted you to Muddy Boots?: The opportunity to support the food and farming industries to become more sustainable, safer, and collaborative. Speaking with our customers is one of the best parts of my role! I'm also excited by the opportunities being part of TELUS Agriculture is providing us.

Tell us a bit about you and your work history?: Most recently I headed up the food safety and quality team at HelloFresh UK; experiencing massive growth in the lockdown-led to a home delivery boom! In total, I have 8 years of experience in the food industry, from product authenticity at Sainsbury's to policy strategy at Defra.

What does your typical working day look like?: Varied, which I love! I might be horizon scanning for upcoming industry trends and issues; talking with our customers to understand their biggest support needs, or creating the user stories that will deliver new product features with the development teams.

What's an interesting fact about you?: I love road trips and completed a 5,000-mile charity rally across 5 countries in Southern Africa.

Who would be your ideal dinner party guest and why?: Levison Wood. He's a (rather dreamy) modern-day explorer who has undertaken huge walking expeditions on multiple continents and would have amazing stories to share.

What's your favourite food?: Peanut butter! It's not an exaggeration to say I eat it at least once a day. Try it on porridge, it's a game-changer.

What makes you passionate about food/farming?: The fact that it can so positively affect people (for example addressing hunger is a major factor in lifting developing countries). I also feel a strong call to action to help unlock solutions to the climate crisis through sustainable food production.

Any skills or talents that people don’t know about?: I'm a certified yoga teacher!

What advice do you wish you’d been given early in your career?: Broaden the scope of your focus because it gives you opportunities you wouldn't have thought of and at the very least you'll have lots of interesting conversations.

Finish this sentence: on Sunday mornings you usually find me……Heading out for brunch. I live in South London and we have some excellent options! I can't resist sweetcorn fritters if I see them on a menu, but good old eggs on toast always hits the spot too.

What’s one item you can’t leave your house or apartment without?: A is a pandemic after all!

Describe yourself in three words... Curious, kind, and organised.

What publications do you regularly read or what book are you reading now?: I love reading fiction to wind down at the end of the day. I'm currently reading a sci-fi book "Project Hail Mary" which is pure escapism and funny too.

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