Name: Martin Scrivens 

Job Role: Learning & Development Partner

Length of service: 4 years

What attracted you to Muddy Boots?: When I initially joined there wasn’t a Learning & Development position, my role was the first that related to training, so it was appealing to have an opportunity to influence and have a positive impact in the workplace.

What does a typical working day look like?: No two days are the same really. I’m the only L&D resource in the business and my responsibilities include employee development and looking after our customers, ensuring their training needs are met so they are competent and confident using our software.

When it comes to our customers, you might find me facilitating live and interactive training sessions with them or locked away crafting a carefully thought out instructional video that can be hosted on our self-serve portal for them to access any time.

For our employees, I get to work with lots of different people, developing clear goals, identifying learning needs and curating content that helps them continually develop and the business achieve its goals. 

I’m passionate about creating opportunities for anyone at Muddy Boots to develop their knowledge and skills, encouraging people to improve their emotional intelligence, which will enable them to grow and have a positive impact on individual and team performance.

Interesting fact about you?: I'm a keen trail runner, you'll quite often see me going on a quick 5k during my lunchtime.

Ideal dinner party guest?: Quentin Tarantino. His films are my favourite, with my interest being piqued when I first saw Pulp Fiction (although I still question why Hateful Eight had to be so long; that one took me three sittings to see it all!). His mind must be a bizarrely creative and wondrous place, so getting the chance of a small glimpse of this over dinner would be surreal and amazing.

Favourite food?: Fillet steak is a contender, so too is asparagus…

What makes you passionate about food / farming?: Living rurally gives me an appreciation of the countryside and the sector that we operate in. However, my main passion lies in developing people and in particular, their behavioural skills.

Any skills or talents that people don’t know about?:  When I was extending my home, I went to college and qualified as an electrician; some might say, I’m a bright spark! 

What advice do you wish you’d been given early in your career:? Find something you believe in and are passionate about; you spend a lot of time at work so you should do something you enjoy.

Finish this sentence: On Sunday mornings you usually find me... Hitting the forest trails on my mountain bike with my pals.

What’s one item you can’t leave your house or apartment without?: My watch. I use it for so much, rarely establishing the current time! I love music and exercise, so the fact I can stream music while I’m out running or walking is bordering Utopia!

Describe yourself in three words: Passionate, collaborative, engaging

What publications do you regularly read or what book are you reading now?: Tim Roberts’ “Enthuse” blogs. The guy is great; so down to earth and getting the message out there about how important Emotional Intelligence is and will continue to be. So much he says resonates with me, including his mantra of #italwaysstartswithyou.



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