We are very excited to announce the launch of our Sustainability Management solution, enhancing our Supplier Management portfolio and further connecting the value chain to improve both livelihoods and sustainable food production. 

Sustainability Management allows companies to easily and reliably collect, measure and report on the sustainability of agricultural products in the food supply chain and to identify positive improvement opportunities, manage risk and improve transparency.

Offering a flexible, modular solution to meet the needs of simple and complex multi-tier supply chains, Sustainability Management provides reliable and accurate data insights to inform what practice changes will make a substantial difference to your sustainability, regenerative agriculture or carbon programmes, transforming your supply chain beyond compliance. 

“Leading food and agribusiness companies are increasingly seeking to understand and influence the farm practices of growers in their supply chain and to measure and reward positive progress. Digital technology has a key role in supporting the sustainability and regenerative programmes for these businesses, and the farmers that supply them. We are delighted to launch this dedicated solution for sustainability and play a part in tackling global challenges.” 

Kevin Ramm, Head of Sustainability, TELUS Agriculture and Consumer Goods.

In the face of significant global disruption, the food industry is battling twin challenges – to produce more food, while improving sustainability impact. To build more sustainable and resource-efficient food supply chains, key players need easier access to reliable data. Sustainability Management aims to address the need for a flexible solution that gathers specific sustainability data, which can be shared with customers; and integrations/partnerships to centralise data in a shareable way.

Sustainability Management is a progressive and innovative industry-leading solution that speaks directly to TELUS Agriculture & Consumer Goods’ mission to help create a unified, trusted and sustainable value chain for better producer-to-consumer outcomes.

Let's work together towards more sustainable food production

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Sustainability Management Brochure

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