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Our mission at Muddy Boots is to help create a safer more sustainable future for food and farming, and armed with our sustainability solution we have helped large retailers, global food brands and major processors to ensure that all of the suppliers within their supply chains throughout the world, meet their sustainability standards.

The recent disruption to food supply chains and fear of food shortages catalysed by Covid-19 has elevated the importance of food systems and brought renewed focus on the many challenges in the food supply chain, including the long-standing concerns for food sustainability. Food and farming have a recognised, significant impact upon a range of global sustainability issues, including climate change, biodiversity, water usage and water quality with food systems currently accounting for around a third of total global GHG emissions. With global food production predicted to increase by more than 50% by 2050 there is a clear need to drive sustainability within these industries.

With this in mind, the next phase of our sustainability offering will see sustainability evaluations embedded into our Greenlight Supplier Management (GLSM) and Greenlight Farm Management (GLFM) platforms, allowing our customers to measure GHG emission of their supply chain, of their supplied products or of their growing systems. Muddy Boots Software is delighted to have recently joined the Cool Farm Alliance (CFA), which will equip us with the wealth of expertise that is embedded within the Cool Farm Tool. Membership of the CFA represents a significant step forward in how we can support food businesses and farmers improve sustainability of their supply chain, supplied food products or farming practices. Our GLSM and GLGM platforms capture an extensive amount of supplier and crop management sustainability data (we currently manage 54,000 sites across 123 countries and 29 million acres of farmland). This provides us with a huge opportunity to apply smart analytics and GHG assessments to reveal patterns and trends and through the use of benchmarking and modelling tools provide guidance on improvement potential for sustainability programmes.

“We are excited to be working with customers on integrating sustainability evaluations into our Muddy Boots platforms as a natural evolution of our sustainability offering and are delighted to partner with the Cool Farm Alliance in support of this initiative” explains Kevin Ramm, Sustainability Solutions Lead, Muddy Boots “We look forward to working with the alliance members and actively contributing to industry efforts to find the much-needed solutions to address the sustainability challenges in global food systems”.

Read more about the Cool Farm Tool here.

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