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Last year was a big year for us, we joined the TELUS Agriculture family and went through a brand refresh. This year we are delighted to be rolling out some of the changes to our visual identity and are pleased to be announcing which ones you can start to look out for in the coming months.

We’re very proud of our continual improvement to our cloud-based platforms and that we continue to deliver the best features and benefits to our customers. We feel that these changes, as part of our rebrand, are the next step towards where we are heading as company - both progressive and industry leading.

You will start to notice our three core products: Greenlight Grower Management, Greenlight Quality Control and Greenlight Supplier Approval changing their names and logos on our website, in any outwards facing communications and within the platforms themselves, within the coming months. Keep an eye out for them and don’t be alarmed when they do change. They may be new names, and new logos but they are still the same impressive solutions that you’ve always known. Rest assured, these changes will not impact our timelines for key deliverables and customer commitments, which we continue to work hard on achieving in 2021 and beyond.

The biggest change of all three is for Greenlight Grower Management, which has evolved to become: Greenlight Farm Management. We are so proud that this well-known and well-loved product now reaches so many more customers than just ‘growers’ – did you know: we have the highest amount of UK agronomists using our system out of all our competitors? As well as a large customer base made up from spray contractors and input suppliers - and we don’t like to leave anyone out. So, we think you’ll all agree that, Greenlight Farm Management is a much more fitting name for a product that manages over 30million acres of farmland, globally.   

Greenlight Quality Control and Greenlight Supplier approval have seen slightly more subtle changes to become, Greenlight Quality Management and Greenlight Supplier Management. In a move that makes our three core products more uniform as they stand side by side.  Ultimately, all of our products do what they say on the tin, allowing you to easily manage your farm, suppliers or the quality of your products from one, easy-to-use, intuitive app. You can see our new logos below and the eagle eyed of you will notice the colours are different to what you are used to within your existing platforms. Again, over the coming months, we’ll be transitioning the colours from our old brand palette, in line with the colours within our new logos. 

We have stepped into the new year with a new feel and with a renewed energy to help our customers produce safer, more sustainable food through supply chain and farm management software that delivers insights, drives better decisions and enables collaboration across global supply chains. We look forward to continuing to work with you through 2021 in what is shaping up to be another exciting year at Muddy Boots. 

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