Making a difference, one tree at a time.

We are excited to announce a brand new sustainability initiative for Muddy Boots by TELUS Agriculture. We will be planting trees on behalf of our customers that will not only sequester carbon dioxide in the future, but will also channel water, support communities and wildlife in much-needed projects across Kenya.  

Working with more:trees we will help to plant forests for every user that fills in our customer engagement survey*.

Customer feedback is important to us, it enables us to hear first hand our users experience with the Greenlight platforms and to ensure that we are keeping our customers satisfied with the service that they are receiving. As a company we strive to give excellent customer service at all times, so we wanted to find a way to thank our customers for taking the time to complete the survey – in a way that not only benefits us as a business, customers receiving excellent customer service, but also, the environment. Our initiative with more:trees is our way to show we care for our customers, just as much as we care for the planet.

One tree planted for every customer survey response

In support of the world-wide initiative to focus on improving sustainability, we have pledged to plant a tree for every survey response that we receive, in the name of the person that completes the survey. Participants will receive a tree planting certificate with their name and how much C02 their tree will sequester, as well as an equivalent to miles travelled in a standard car.

We work with a range of customers who have progressive and impactful sustainability programs and immediately we knew that this was the kind of forward-thinking, innovative tool that we wanted to use as a thank you.

Sometimes, it’s the little things that make the biggest difference to our customers and the planet.

Kenya reforestation projects

Kenya is home to an incredible array of people, communities, wildlife, forests and a Muddy Boots office. Making it the perfect location for us to help make a positive impact with their reforestation efforts.

Forests in Kenya cover over 37 million hectares, sequestering a phenomenal amount of CO2 while storing rainwater, preventing flooding, improving soil fertility, regulating climate conditions and providing local livelihoods.

They also support an estimated 1,847 species of amphibians, birds, mammals, and reptiles – 4% of which are only found in Kenya itself – and 6,505 types of vascular plants.

You can read more about the brilliant and far reaching benefits of tree planting here

*Subject to customers confirming they are happy for their details to be shared with more:trees

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