Muddy Boots by TELUS Agriculture are proud to announce that we are now partners of Transition - a new UK focused initiative from Farmers Weekly aimed at securing a sustainable future for your farm business.

Direct payments to farmers under the Basic Payment Scheme (BPS), which currently account for more than 50% of all UK agricultural income, are being phased out. Payments in England alone will have halved by 2023 and gone completely by 2028, with other UK nations following similar paths. This will leave a huge gap in farm incomes which must be bridged. 

In future, UK government support for agriculture will require farmers to undertake an increasing amount of environmental work. British farmers stand on the cusp of a new agricultural revolution. Farmers are expected to do much more than produce food: improving biodiversity, soil health, air and water quality, and storing carbon to help mitigate the impact of climate change. All this means we must refocus our farms to ensure they thrive as businesses while looking after and enhancing the environment. 

Of course the best farmers already do this, but as good farmers know there is always room for improvement. It is a huge journey, but by pooling our knowledge via the Transition hub – highlighting the pitfalls and sharing ideas that work – we believe we can make this transition together.

“We are grateful to our Transition Farmers and to our Transition Partners who have agreed to share their experiences, expertise and advice. Working side-by-side, as an industry, our goal is the same as yours: a sustainable future for British agriculture and for your farm business.” Farmers Weekly Transition. 

Transition Partner Network

The Farmers Weekly Transition Partner Network is a UK-wide community of farmers, industry stakeholders and influencers working together to secure a sustainable future for your farm business. Muddy Boots by TELUS Agriculture are proud to have joined this network to share our knowledge and expertise in digitising the supply chain to secure better and more sustainable food outcomes. 

Transition Summits 

As part of the Transition project, Farmers Weekly will be running a series of digital live Transition Summits throughout the coming year bringing together experts to answer as many questions as possible. 

Together with industry experts we will explore:

  • Ways to make substantial changes to farm businesses
  • Changes to the structure of the industry
  • Approaches to preparing for BPS withdrawal
  • Latest information about future support measures
  • Transparent information about all guidance on ELM

You can register to attend any of these here. 

Transition Podcast

Farmers Weekly will look at farming methods which are said to be profitable and can also protect and enhance the environment. They will examine whether they really do work and can they work for you on your farm. You can listen to the podcast here. 

To read more about Transition, see a full list of the partners, or to get involved, please click here. 

Transition Hub

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