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As you know, Muddy Boots joined the TELUS family in March 2020. Today (November 2020), we are excited to announce the coming together of eight companies to create a global leader in AgTech: TELUS Agriculture (TELUS Agriculture & Consumer Goods as of July 2022). 

One of the biggest social challenges we face today is the access to quality and safe food that can be traced back from its origin to our dinner tables.

With TELUS Agriculture & Consumer Goods, we are making a commitment to everyone in the Agri-Business and Agri-Food, Consumer Goods, and Retail value chain to create a better flow of information across the food system. 

By bringing together leading solutions to securely link the food chain, we will be able to increase yields, returns, and efficiencies. Connecting a rural world underserved with communication capabilities, empowering all parties by digitising information, and creating an exchange for that information helps all parties operate more efficiently resulting in increased yields, improved traceability, and sustainable production.

TELUS is on a mission to create better human outcomes. First, TELUS Health is transforming healthcare to create better outcomes by leveraging a suite of technology solutions, clinics, and virtual care capabilities, breaking down data silos, and improving information access across different points of the healthcare systems. Now, TELUS Agriculture & Consumer Goods is making a similar commitment to agriculture and agri-food, helping to securely link the food value chain to feed the future and create better producer-to-consumer outcomes.

What does this mean for me? 

Going forward, Muddy Boots will begin to work more closely with the other solutions in TELUS Agriculture & Consumer Goods. We will be playing a key role in helping to define the offering and approach going forward and will keep you informed of all changes along the way. 

What won’t change?

TELUS purchased Muddy Boots because they also believe in creating solutions that seamlessly connect with other platforms and devices. They share a strong commitment to improving visibility and accuracy/availability of information to help you track what is happening and support better decision-making. They share a strong commitment to reducing waste, increasing efficiency, and mitigating risk, by improving visibility, agility, and responsiveness.

You can learn more about the rest of the TELUS Agriculture & Consumer Goods family HERE


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