Learn how Muddy Boots by TELUS Agriculture & Consumer Goods collaborated with SAI Platform to create the SDP Reporting Hub, a digital solution that aids the continuous improvement in dairy sustainability.

The Sustainable Dairy Partnership (SDP) is a sustainability approach for use in the commercial relationships between dairy customers (buyers) and their suppliers (processors). Their aim is to help promote and communicate continuous improvement in dairy sustainability with an incredibly user-friendly digital solution that makes it easy to collect and share accurate data.

Client goal – SAI Platform were looking for a company that shared their vision, as well as someone who could provide best-in-class software design, data security, and permissions-driven workflow for their latest initiative, the SDP digital solution. Muddy Boots by TELUS Agriculture & Consumer Goods were selected as the best fit for these needs and our Greenlight Supplier Management product is considered the right foundation on which to build and host the digital solution.

How we achieved this 

The Muddy Boots Project team kicked off the project with SAI Platform and the SDP membership in November 2020 and delivered the SDP Reporting Hub on schedule in September 2021.

During that time, Muddy Boots worked closely with the SDP members in around 30 workshops, ensuring that we gathered industry and SDP-specific insights into the fundamental aims of the system, what capabilities were required, and what roles needed to be supported in the solution. 

We regularly presented back to the member groups how we had interpreted their input. We had to ensure the SDP framework was represented faithfully within the solution in order to make it as easy to follow or implement as possible within the member organisations. It really was a challenge to get the right balance of content versus usability and to design a solution that satisfied the many organisations represented, but the Muddy Boots team met these challenges and has delivered a well-received solution, which we hope will help the SDP members on their respective sustainability journeys in the dairy industry.


Martin Abrahams, Project Manager - SDP Reporting Hub at Muddy Boots by TELUS Agriculture & Consumer Goods

"The SDP members and the SAI Platform team have been a pleasure to collaborate with. Their passion for the subject of sustainability within the dairy industry was evident from the start of the project through to the conclusion. Our challenge was to channel that into a quality solution that represented the SDP Framework; early feedback suggests that we achieved this feat. The Muddy Boots team embraced the opportunity and delivered – a great example of collaborative success."


Kevin Ramm, Head of Sustainability at TELUS Agriculture & Consumer Goods

"I am delighted with the quality and level of engagement between the Muddy Boots team, SAI Platform, and the SDP membership, throughout this project. The solution we’ve built benefited from great collaboration, where people representing many different elements of the dairy industry came together around a common purpose – developing a digital tool to support measurement, action, and disclosure for continuous improvement within sustainable dairy. We’re proud of what we’ve achieved together and trust the new SDP Reporting Hub will help members as they move forward in their sustainability journeys."  

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