Greenlight Farm Management makes life easier. When time-critical business decisions are part of your everyday life, having instant access to crop and farm data can be crucial. Instant visibility of data helps inform your decision-making in areas like spray timings, cost of  production and optimising yield. Our mobile solution allows you to do so from anywhere safely and securely, whilst on the go. But to make your workload even more efficient have you considered adding extra users? If not, here’s why you should: 

1. Work on the move 

By adding your team as ‘extra users’ they can record applications directly into the app  from their phone or tablet. Your team can upload pictures of problems as they encounter them to save time and workload. Empower your workforce to record operational data such as confirming spray applications, whilst on the move.

2. Spread the workload 

With everyone in your organisation able to update tasks as they are done, you can spread the workload, share responsibility and even reduce hours spent in the office, meaning you can spend more time with those who mean most to you. 

3. Increase efficiency 

Collaborate and share tasks within your team  to increase efficiency. Tailor your templates for frequently used ag-chem inputs, saving time when making future applications across multiple fields. These time saving templates allow you to set up defaults for water volume, machinery and operators.

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