In today's world, Gen Z has emerged as a generation that values transparency, ethics, and sustainability, especially when it comes to the food and drink brands they choose to support. To meet the demands of this influential consumer group, businesses must harness the potential of technology to ensure transparency, measure food safety, quality, and sustainability, and ultimately gain the trust of Gen Z.

In this webinar, we explore how digital and connected supply chains can be leveraged to unlock the value of technology, establish ethical practices, and win the loyalty of Gen Z customers. Join our industry experts, Becca Gale - Product Director of Supply Chain & Sustainability and Aaron Day - Technical Sales Manager in the latest from our webinar series, If our food could talk. 

Key Takeaways:

Gen Z's demand for transparency:

Gen Z seeks detailed information about the products they consume, including their origins, production processes, and impact on people and the planet. They expect food and drink brands to be forthcoming about their sourcing practices, ingredients, and environmental footprint.

Overcoming supply chain complexities:

With complex global supply chains, ensuring transparency and traceability can be challenging for consumer goods businesses. Leveraging the latest technology allows brands to accurately measure and communicate the safety, quality, and sustainability of their products. Tech-driven measurement of safety, quality, and sustainability:

Challenges of a disconnected value chain:

Disconnected value chains pose significant challenges for food and drink brands in terms of traceability, safety, and sustainability. Lack of transparency and coordination across the supply chain makes it difficult to ensure ethical practices, track product origins, and measure environmental impact.

Unlocking the next phase of traceability, safety, and sustainability:

Embracing a connected value chain is essential for addressing the challenges posed by disconnected supply chains. By leveraging technology and implementing digital solutions, brands can establish traceability systems that enable real-time monitoring of product lifecycles, ensuring safety and quality standards are met.

Industry 4.0 and the digital revolution challenge:

The advent of Industry 4.0 and the digital revolution presents a challenge for businesses to keep pace with rapidly evolving technological advancements. Food, Beverage & Consumer goods companies need to adapt to digital transformation by adopting innovative technologies and integrating them into their operations.

The impact of Gen Z:

Gen Z, comprising individuals aged 18-26 years old, wield significant purchasing power and prioritize brands that align with their values. Around two-thirds of Gen Z consumers prefer to buy from brands that contribute to making the world a better place, demonstrating their desire for positive societal and environmental impact.

Four steps to leverage tech and overcome challenges:

By focusing on digital transparency, establishing a single view of risk, and effectively demonstrating credentials, Food, beverage & consumer goods businesses can leverage technology to overcome the challenges of disconnected value chains and meet the needs of Gen Z consumers. These steps will not only increase trust but also position brands as transparent, responsible, and desirable choices for Gen Z, driving long-term loyalty and success. You can watch our webinar on demand to discover the four main steps we recommend taking to overcome these challenges in more detail. 

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