Mitigate risk, reduce waste and drive operational efficiency

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Digitise every step of your product quality journey from raw material to end product

Go Paperless

Modernise your quality management by capturing product quality, process, facility and safety checks into a cloud-based solution. Providing a secure and easily accessed location for all your due diligence and quality data capture.

Harness predictive analysis

Incorporate third-party data sets and overlay A. I principles to optimise and steer inspection resource, improving utilisation. Ensure the accuracy of labels through automated template recognition eliminating product recalls. Identify key risks and highlight required action to improve customer satisfaction, improve shelf-life performance and drive out waste.

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Insight and tools to help you manage and continuously improve your food safety & quality operations

Set your quality agenda

Centrally build quality attributes you wish to measure. Populate with text and pictorial evidence of what good, bad and satisfactory looks like to set quality expectations with your suppliers.

Real-time reporting

Tiered escalation, system-generated reports and automated user alerts allow for a real-time view of your operations and product quality. Where corrective actions are needed stakeholders are notified immediately, allowing an expedited response across your operation and supply chain.

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Simplify data Integration

Drive efficiency and authenticity with our software architecture. Integrate data captured in Greenlight Quality Management with your key ERP systems such as stock management or procurement systems through API, data feed or bespoke integrations.


Trusted by HACCP

Our highly configurable, HACCP certified platform allows you to centrally create and maintain product specifications, quality attribute sheets and standard operating procedures with confidence in one central location. Standardise processes across your business and supply chain for a robust and consistent approach with 'question set' guidance.


Powerful Insights Reporting

Powerful reporting enables benchmarking and profiling of product, site, supplier and people performance, helping you reduce waste and optimise efficiency of your operations.