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Build assessments quickly

Our platforms are highly configurable, enabling you to build product and process assessments quickly. Synchronise your quality checks across the board, from expected shelf life and facility processes, to site safety and hygienic compliance for a targeted approach. 

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Mobile checking without boundaries 

Check at any point in your supply chain, be this at intake, production, dispatch or on the shop floor! Our cloud-based systems are easy to use, both on and offline and are fast to adopt. They allow you to check on-the-go and make changes easily whilst collaborating efficiently with your supply chain. Take a look at our video to find out more. 


Integrate with ERP, hardware devices and third-party data sets

Optimise internal interaction to ensure quality management becomes a collaborative part of your business operations. 

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Real time reporting, allowing immediate action

Configurable reporting capabilities and escalation processes enable you to share reports automatically by site, supplier, product, process or people. Where a non-conformance is raised and/or a corrective action is needed our platform enables you to reduce your administration burden and improve controls through a robust escalation management process.


Systemise administrative processes and create quality specifications centrally

Allow smart processes to diminish the burden of managing tasks manually, such as temporary specifications or variations. You can eradicate duplication as centrally built quality specifications (Quality Attribute Sheets – QAS’s) will inform your checking standards against a wide range of industry regulations.

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