Improve supply chain transparency and security of supply with end-to-end visibility in a centralised secure platform

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Ensure compliance and build trust in your supply chain

Map your entire supply chain network

Greenlight Supplier Management lets you see exactly who is in your supply chain, where they are, and what they supply you, while an integrated suite of mapping and reporting tools provides chain of custody insights, helping you understand the origins of your product.

Reinvest your time

Reduce the administrative burden on your team by inviting suppliers to manage their own compliance documentation, in line with your requirements.

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Food Supply Chain Management Software Greenlight Supplier Management In Action On Desktop
Food Sustainability Software, Greenlight Supplier Management in action on Apple products, desktop.

Improve supply chain performance

Dynamic risk management

Define and manage risks in your supply chain with embedded sourcing criteria, helping you to identify areas of vulnerability that require your attention.

Targeted insights

Access and trend data at scale through interactive dashboards. System-generated alerts and focused analytics tools help you spot trends over time, driving timely business decisions and immediately responding to any problems.

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Additional modules available alongside Greenlight Supplier Management 

Pesticide Manager In Laptop Shot

Pesticide Management

A simple yet rigorous online PPU (Proposed Pesticide Usage) management system. It links to Fera and Homologa databases to provide an industry-standard platform for your PPU approval process.

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Create and manage audits and site assessments in the cloud. Embedded validation rules ensure that accurate, consistent data is captured, whilst bespoke validation tools allow you to report on performance across any of your brand agendas.

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Global G.A.P. Integration

Simplify data entry with the ability to integrate GLSM with large third-party data sets like Global G.A.P. This makes even the most basic task of data entry and record look-up quicker for you and your suppliers.

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