Improve security of supply with end-to-end visibility of your supply chain.

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Collaborate directly with your supply chain

Greenlight Supplier Management facilitates easy collaboration with your supply chain to ensure that they are always compliant – giving you peace of mind that all suppliers are approved to supply. 


Set out your requirements for 'approved to supply'

Create the tasks required of your suppliers, such as uploading their compliance documentation, completing a self-assessment, capturing pesticide usage or mapping their source locations. Invite them onto the platform to complete activities. Watch our video to find out more.

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Map your supply chain

Visual maps let you see exactly who is in your supply chain, where they are and what they supply you, whilst a suite of mapping and reporting tools provide chain of custody insight, helping you track product routes back to source.

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Track and measure compliance against your goals 

Managing compliance has never been easier; system-generated alerts will notify you and your suppliers of any impending task and compliance expiries. Add the Assessment or Pesticide Manager modules to enhance compliance and benchmark performance across your supply chain, driving continuous improvement.

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Proactively manage and respond to risk

System-generated alerts, embedded validation rules and focused analytics tools help you spot trends over time, drive timely business decisions and immediately respond to any problems.

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Tell your story and promote good news 

Use the data collected from your supply chain to showcase as real-time evidence to demonstrate how you are meeting your brand commitments and promote good news stories to your customers and consumers alike.

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