Gives you visibility of proposed pesticide usage throughout your supply chain and prevents the use of pesticides that do not comply with your pesticide policy. 

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Use Pesticide Manager to quickly and easily share your proposed pesticide usage (PPUs) with your customers to satisfy due diligence requirements. Powerful reporting tools help you to quickly identify and mitigate any risks, giving you and your customers the confidence that your supply chain is meeting legal and technical standards.

How does it work?  

Using a simple data capture form, suppliers can enter their PPU information for the season. This information is automatically validated against external legal databases to check whether the pesticides listed are approved to be applied on the crop in the supplier’s country and whether the active ingredients listed, are acceptable to your own pesticide policy or those of your customers. PPUs can be approved or rejected, with automatic notifications sent back to the grower with your comments, facilitating two-way communication. 

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Features & Benefits 

  • Simple yet rigorous online PPU management system.
  • Validate PPUs against your own custom pesticide policies as well as legal approval based upon crop and country combination.
  • Mitigate risks and have confidence that your supply chain is meeting legal and technical standards.
  • An easy search-and-select box saves users administrative time when creating PPUs.
  • A full audit trail that facilitates data integrity and provides your due diligence.
  • Digital derogations allow exceptions to policy to be managed effectively throughout the season.
  • Dashboard filters let you instantly see where certain pesticides and active ingredients are used in your supply base, flags non-compliance and highlights any risk.

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