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Collaborate with your workforce

Greenlight Farm Management lets farmers and agronomists record and share crop records, fertiliser and nutrient plans and much more. Watch our video to see how.

Field mapping capabilities

With the ability to map fields and overlay key data, you really do hold the farm in your hand.

Control your spend

Keep an eye on spend throughout the season. Control and monitor costs through cost analysis down to field level.

Be audit ready

Be confident and ready for audits knowing that you can demonstrate compliance to things like chemical and fertiliser applications. Simple report filters ensure you can select the exact data you or your auditor needs.

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Avoid costly errors

With an integrally managed chemical data base, your recommendations can be auto-checked for label compliance and any associated warnings that need to be highlighted to your customer.

Help keep your farm customers compliant

Supporting your farmers to manage the burden of compliance is an essential part of the day job. Integral nutrient management features reduce the complexity of nutrient planning and compliance safeguards.  

Drive consistency within your field teams

Templating chemical recommendations is a great way of administering time saving features for your agronomy teams, plus the added bonus of providing improved steer on recommending the right inputs for the job.

Kick start your e-commerce strategy

Seamless sales order integration from your agronomy team or direct from farmer, reduces your back office order processing costs and elevates certainty that sales opportunities are not lost.

Realtime accurate data

Impressive analytics and reporting capabilities gives you insight on the landscape and in season dynamics of your business, supporting improved forecasting and performance management.

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