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Global Manufacturers

Monitor and manage the safety and quality of your product

Understand who supplies you, where your supply comes from and how each level of the supply chain is performing in relation to the standards you set for sustainability, ethical or corporate social responsibilities. 

Manage your global supply chain risks by origin, raw material, supply type and supplier 

Quickly address non-conformance issues as they arise and be able to drive continuous improvement across your entire supply chain down to farm level.

Add value to the communities in which you operate and have the ability to share good news stories

Safeguard your reputation by being able to demonstrate your ethical, social, environmental and or sustainable credentials and compliance standards.

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Food Processors

Cloud Technology

Allow multiple users to log in, access the product specification, perform checks and share the data via a centrally managed system.

Save Time and drive down costs

Save on both time and costs associated with maintaining a traditional paper-based system, all your documentation is in one place.

Ease of Use across multiple platforms

Checks can be conducted on a tablet, mobile or desktop computer and performed anywhere in the supply chain.

Standardise your product expectations

Set your expectations on quality across your commodities and embed these within your standards.




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