Reduce food waste and improve food safety in your supply chains with accurate cold chain management at every stage


Track your product temperature throughout its distribution journey for consistent visibility and transparency

Identify points where temperature abuse may occur in the supply chain that are not currently monitored, allowing you to reduce waste, limit food safety risks, and improve quality through product temperature threshold adherence.

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Measure product temperature rather than ambient temperature 

Cold chain smart labels fix directly to your product, providing a more accurate representation of product temperature, at rest and in transit. Traditional temperature monitors only measure the ambient temperature, which can vary from product temperature by up to 2°c. More accurate data allows better and informed decisions about risk and shelf life.

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Check by exception

Automated alerts and reporting identify the product that requires investigating. Staff can see which incoming shipments have been subjected to temperature abuse and need to be prioritised for review. Enabling you to allocate your resource to known risk for improved productivity and operating costs.

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Drive continuous improvement using our advanced analytics tool

Insights reporting and dashboards give you visibility of where and when temperature abuse or damage has occurred and what the patterns and trends are. This allows you to identify corrective actions and implement improved practices in your supply chain - particularly useful for higher price point products such as shellfish, meat, and berries.  

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Integrate with Quality Management to create an autonomous smart cold chain

Digitise your processes into an intelligent, self-diagnosing data source for improved quality control and food safety. Ease of integration with ERP and third-party data sets optimises internal interaction. Use up-to-date, integrated temperature and quality data to make better real-time and strategic decisions about the product in your supply chain.

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Scan it. Rip it. Stick it. Ship it.

Our cold chain smart label is easy-to-use and recyclable, the battery has an auto-drain function to ensure safe and simple disposal. Its design allows for an easy 'rip and stick' application, with a highly calibrated temperature sensor that wirelessly transmits using open source gateways. This allows contactless traceability of virtually any product from source to store. 

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