The trusted, independent global farm management solution that puts farmers and agronomists in control of their data.

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Built with farm operations in mind, Greenlight Grower Management is quick to learn and simple to use. Even better, if your agronomist uses the platform, ask them to share your farm and your data will be visible in seconds. 

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Easily map fields and boundaries

With the ability to map fields and overlay them with key data like pest and disease control, you will have visibility of all your information whenever you need it. 

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Avoid unnecessary duplication of data

Seamlessly share plan and recommendation data between you and your agronomist, making the task of data recording effortless. Watch our video to find out more. 

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Make your numbers count 

Keep an eye on spend throughout the season. Control and monitor costs through cost analysis down to field level.


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Be confident and ready for audit

Demonstrate compliance in areas such as chemical and fertilizer applications and be able to quickly find the exact data you or your auditor needs.

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Spend less time on paperwork

Empower your workforce to record operational data such as confirming spray applications, whilst on the move and be able to track and monitor their progress in real-time.

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